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Helping you GROW & SELL 

more than just WEED.

Providing world class service to cannabis businesses in Missouri and across the nation!

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Serving the cannabis industry from growers to dispensaries and everyone in between.

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We are a full service accounting firm offering strategic outsourced CFO and tax planning services to business owners in the Cannabis Industry.


We handle the daily and weekly bookkeeping needs, as well as, our proprietary month end procedures specific to the cannabis industry. We add supporting documentation to every business transaction.


Detailed, reliable and timely financials to help you make key business decisions. Cash flow reports and projections help you determine how much cash you can spend and what needs to be conserved for operations. These financials also keep you compliant with the IRS, states, lenders and investors. Every number on the financial ties back to our bookkeeping work-papers for 100% audit trail.


We maximize your after-tax profit using an IRS provision which allows us to allocate costs to Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold, therefore, effectively lowering your tax liability.


We prepare business returns with all the latest and most up-to-date information regarding cannabis taxation laws including the infamous 280e (IRS provision regarding federally illegal businesses).


We provide oversight on the payroll function including payroll setup and processing through a third-party payroll platform and reviewing quarterly and annual reports. This is great because if there is an issue with the payroll company, we can deal with them directly and get it resolved on your behalf.


We help maximize your cash by providing useful budgeting tools, marketing analytics, key performance indicator and cash flow reports.  Due to our experience in the industry, we know what results in major profit increases for our clients, which we draw on to help other clients.


Review of all contracts and documents that have financial impact (i.e. – workers comp policy or lease agreements) This is helpful to make sure all areas of your business are compliant, not just the financials. It also gives us an opportunity to find other ways to save you money.


We maintain and oversee an up-to-date virtual folder for all business documents that CEOs have continuous access to. If your lender needs up-to-date financials, you can get it to them in minutes. If the IRS audits you five years down the road, you have detailed records that will require no explaining on your part. And when you are ready to sell, your investors can see all prior financial history to get you the highest valuation possible.

Check out this 2 minute video explaining what we do!


We know all aspects of the industry from accounting, tax, and politics…to operations, products, and risks. We only work with cannabis companies.

Future IRS audits, lawsuits from investors

lenders, states and other regulatory agency penalties and fines.

Your business will get the best valuation possible with our virtual database that includes full accounting records and IRS and state compliance for the life of your company.



People always tell Tiffani Higgins she must wear a cape. She wears a cape because she is a super hero to businesses in the Cannabis Industry who don't understand nor want to deal with regulations and compliance. When she puts on her Outsourced CFO cape, her super powers help businesses show profits and not losses.


At the same time, she is a busy mom of 5....yes, 5 children. She is very busy, yet she is a successful entrepreneur. No wonder she wears a cape. Tiffani started down her accounting path when she was 16 and has actively worked towards continuing that education throughout her life working as a bookkeeper, tax preparer, state auditor, and CPA. Becoming an entrepreneur was the next step. Tiffani successfully built a virtual CPA firm specializing in bookkeeping, tax and Quickbooks Online for all industries. Tiffani made the decision to sell this successful firm in order to focus on the cannabis industry exclusively.


Tiffani then founded Missouri Cannabis CPA. Although Tiffani currently resides in Missouri, cannabis clientele span across the nation. Her experience working with small business owners from various industries has given her the well-rounded knowledge to assist cannabis business owners on typical and everyday business issues that arise. Her expert training and expertise in the cannabis industry makes her a great option for new and experienced cannabis business owners to navigate industry specific issues. And not just tax and accounting issues. Tiffani has a robust network of other cannabis experienced professionals at her fingertips to aid in assisting clients with areas outside of her personal wheelhouse. She looks forward to helping her clients in as many aspects of running their business as possible.


If you want a strategic partner helping your business GROW to the point you have the option to SELL, reach out to Tiffani for more information.

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We take care of the financials so you can focus on what you do best: growing high quality product! 

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Focusing on your client satisfaction should be your only concern. Let us tackle the tax prep for you!

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We provide accounting services throughout the cannabis industry. From CBD oil companies to security and all partners in between!

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